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Financial Planning

Anyone coming to live in France needs to take stock of their financial situation, and to research solutions from a wide range of products appropriate to their individual needs.  When seeking professional advice, it is especially comforting if the consultant you see has actually had the same experience, and understands how it feels to move to, set up home, and maybe to work in a new country.

euro first aid bag 200The Gite Doctor team knows how important it is that financial advisors have a long term commitment to their clients and their locality, and to make sure that we recruited an expert who was resident in France, qualified, experienced and regulated. That ensures your consultant has an understanding of life here and the particular financial regulations that apply.

The role of our expert is to create and provide solutions for expatriates and foreign residents by offering a broad range of products and services. These include bank accounts, tax efficient investments, QROPS, pensions, medical insurance and more.  Also to offer wealth management, where appropriate.

When first looking to buy a house in France, careful financial planning may not always be top of things to consider - dealing with estate agents, notaires, travel plans and moving logistics often means that financial issues are put aside “for a rainy day”. Taking the time to sit down with a financial planner, who understands the local rules & regulations and is regulated in the country you are buying is, however,  very important in helping to avoid pitfalls which could turn your French dream into a nightmare.

Talking to a financial planner will allow you to:

  • Keep up to date with current legislation in terms of inheritance
  • Prepare for changes in circumstances
  • Ensure you are buying in a tax efficient way
  • Plan ahead so that unforeseen changes in your status or the condition of the property you are buying does not leave you with insufficient liquidity to fulfil your plans
  • Utilise the experience of someone who has gone through this process themselves and has helped many people to do the same.
  • Achieve your retirement goals more effectively.

Things can take longer to achieve in France than in the United Kingdom. Your current income may change and unlike the UK, it is not as easy to release money from a mortgage free property in France. A small investment of your time today may help you turn your dreams into reality.

Talk to our financial planning expert about how she can help!


From each page in this section you can contact the relevant consultant directly if you have a specific problem. Alternatively, you can contact our Practice Manager if you would like to ask a question or have a more general chat. 

With decades of experience between us we're here to help you identify your problem and prescribe the right cure.

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