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Planning and Building

Owning a property in France, whether as a permanent home or a weekend getaway, is probably one of the largest investments we make in our lives. But despite the obvious pleasures of spending time in such a beautiful land, it can also be stressful if we become involved with any aspect of building, renovation or property improvement. 

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How do we find reputable builders? Do we need planning permission to knock through into the adjacent barn? How much will it all cost and will I understand the process...? Questions like these can occupy our minds, fill our time and cause real discomfort.

The Gite Doctor can offer a number of remedies for issues like these, and with our help you'll soon be back to making the most of your home, enjoying its peace and feeling tranquil once more.  

In the first instance, why not take a look at our factsheets on Building & Planning matters? You'll find a great deal of useful information on a number of different subjects. These are designed to give you some background information on things like planning regulations and the various types of planning application that exist.  You can also look at our Building & Planning FAQ page to see some of the more common questions that arise.

If you need additional help or advice our consultants are available to offer specific remedies to your problems. In the first instance please contact Arthur Cutler with any queries.


From each page in this section you can contact the relevant consultant directly if you have a specific problem. Alternatively, you can contact our Practice Manager if you would like to ask a question or have a more general chat. 

With decades of experience between us we're here to help you identify your problem and prescribe the right cure.

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