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Whether you have a bijoux apartment on the coast, a country cottage or a large gite complex, a visit to our surgery can help you make the right accounting choices. Our fact sheets are there to help you through every practical financial aspect of running your gite. They are deliberately detailed – so that you know what to expect in tax, and what you have to declare….but don’t forget our specialist care service is there if you need it!

Making money out of your French property depends on good accounting records to help you manage your costs, but it doesn’t need to be complicated! Just a simple day book to record your income and expenses in most cases. We can provide simple templates for day to day record keeping, so that you can plan ahead, and also have information ready for the tax man at the end of your letting season.

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Need to bring your records up to date? We can help with the practicalities as well as negotiate with the tax office on any late penalties.

Specialist care?

Planning to buy a ready made rental business? We can help work out the sums for you to make sure its going to be worthwhile for you, and give you lots of planning tips to take full advantage of tax breaks that are available, AND to make sure that you have a prescription to get the French tax you have already paid, offset against your UK tax bill.

Check up?

You have been running your gite for a while and not sure if you have made the right declarations and tax options – we can review the position for you, and advise on steps to remedy any uncertainties you might have about your situation. Our year end tax service is a no fuss treatment to get your tax return submitted in time and to the right place.

The Gite Doctor accounting service can help take the pain from any niggling questions! You can contact our accounting expert here.


From each page in this section you can contact the relevant consultant directly if you have a specific problem. Alternatively, you can contact our Practice Manager if you would like to ask a question or have a more general chat. 

With decades of experience between us we're here to help you identify your problem and prescribe the right cure.

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