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FAQ - Brittany Ferries Travel

Do I have access to my car during the ferry crossing?

No – for safety reasons you are not allowed to return to the car deck during the sailing.  So, remember to take your essentials with you when you leave your vehicle.  Pack a separate travel bag with the essentials you will require during the sailing to save taking large suitcases with you to your cabin/seat. Soap and towels are supplied in every cabin. For overnight sailings without a cabin there are public showers and we sell Sleep Packs and Shower Packs onboard.  For passengers travelling with pets there are scheduled accompanied visits.

What is the procedure for boarding?

You need to be at the port not less than 45minutes before the ship is due to leave.  Follow the signs to the Brittany Ferries vehicle embarkation check-in booths and have your booking reference and passports ready.  Your passports will be returned to you along with a boarding card that hangs on your interior mirror so the port staff can identify you plus a useful ship guide containing a deck plan and safety instructions.  Your boarding card is printed with your cabin/ seat number and if you have booked a cabin it is also your cabin key.  Proceed into the car lane designated by our staff prior to the security check.  Note:  If you need to use the Terminal facilities you may be able to leave your vehicle at this point subject to time available. Please listen out for any announcements for passengers to return to their vehicles.

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